The purpose of this module is to ensure a safe, secure,consistent and efficient passenger handling operations thus providing guidance and standards for implementation of company’s  procedures, as well as assisting all front line staff to provide a wide world –class level of services to all Airlines customers in a quick and satisfactory manner.

All staff engaged in passenger handling activities shall be eligible to access and expected to familiarize themselves with the set up of this module to such an extent that any consultation of the contents  can be made directly and efficiently.

All key personnel who are responsible for quality and safety of operations within the Airlines, need to be conversant with and comply with stated policies guidelines, instructions and procedures of passenger handling manual.

MODULE TEAM: rugina justin


As students undertaking Airport operations, Airline Cargo handling , IATA /UFTAA, as well Airline Cabin Crew. This course will help them understand the role of an airport operation’s officer in different departments at the airport, such as Land side, Terminal, and Airside,in regards to the airport communication because at the airport we normally us the portable radio to communicate with different departments, at the same time students will as well as having a general knowledge on the aircraft  communication in the Air and on ground. More details on the course outline.

MODULE TEAM: rugina justin

airport operations

                                         AIRPORT OPERATIONS

This course is prepared to provide students with a solid overview of the airport operations

field with tools to apply his best available knowledge and skills to the airport.

It is of the utmost important that  airport recruit the qualified people to be able to perform their duties as required  by  international air transport association ( IATA).

It is as well designed to be useful not only for a student benefit, but also help him make better decisions for his organization when working in an airport environment.

Students will go through six modules which will equip them with a wide knowledge of air transport services as well as History of Aviation and Airport.

MODULE TEAM: rugina justin