Course description

General course description

This course is designed to instill menu planning skills to students of hospitality to help them in hotel operations. The aim of the course is to impress the importance of menu planning as a major center in the hospitality industry and provide students with knowledge to develop industry menus for various market segments. Students in this course will learn food costing procedures including determining cost percentages and determining selling price. The emphasize is on helping students become more practical in the management of kitchens and restaurants by designing cost effective menus and thus become cost conscious.

Learning Outcomes

After learning this module, students would be able to effectively make practical menus for hotels and restaurants that is nutritionally balanced as well as cost effective hence increasing the profitability of hotels.  This module complements other earlier taught lessons in the area of hospitality by providing students with an extraordinary opportunity to interact with leaders in the hospitality industry in a limited-enrollment seminar. Students would have a practical trip to one of the best five star hotels to have a real roundtable discussions with chefs to gain a better understanding of industry trends, challenges, and opportunities as well as propose recommendations for improvement.

MODULE TEAM: Ronald Kalulu